Monday, July 10, 2006

Virtual Weddings

On July 8, I attended my first virtual wedding. No seriously, all virtual. In fact, the bride and groom, were not really married or ever planning on getting married in real life (RL). They were just getting virtually married. I can't really "get" this because I'm too old, but I do want to say, that it was just like a real-life wedding (well except for a couple things which I'll go into later). First, it was beautiful and well boring. You sat there and fought with the virtual lag because of how many avatars (avies) were in the same spot. A friend Kymber warned me about this.

Anyway, the worse part was when I arrived. And this does N-O-T happen in RL. I arrived at the destination on time (ok I was one minute late). It was a reasonably large plot of land and I was not sure where to go. I saw the cluster of attendees on the mini-map, but deciding not to be so unruly as to fly there I located a nearby teleport sign. This promptly teleported me into a very small room several meters above the action where the groom and his groomsmen were preparing. I uttered a startled "Hey " and they all teleported down to the wedding.

Anyway, beautiful, much weeping, but I had to wonder what is it all about. Will we be married in virtual life and real life, or will society decide that this is essentially the Morman ploygamist view and you should never by committed to two spouses.


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