Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Second Life - A Guide To Your Virtual World Update

I am racing toward production at this point. I've created this kiosk which gives out a URL to Amazon's pre-order page. If you want to help out and have a place for it or know someone who has a place for it IM me in-world and I'll gladly send you a copy. Also, happy to build something that fits with the theme.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Controlling your SL Atmosphere

Well, the WindLight acquisition has come to light (pun intended) faster than expected. You can see it in the SL First Look viewer which is basically a beta of the SL viewer running on the main grid. Looks like you have much control over the atmosphere and the Linden blog promises the ability for region/estate owners in the future to control the skies over their land. Quite nice.

Second Life Employment

I thought it might be interesting to see how the Real Life job market was shaping up for Second Life residents and I don't mean being an escort, land developer, or starting your own company. I mean, who in RL is searching for SL talent and is willing to pay for it. The conclusion is Linden Lab!

For this test, I used quoted "Second Life" as the search criteria. Here were the results:

Monster lists 4 openings Sr. Web Developer, Director of Interactive, Directory of Interactive Marketing, and Web / Project Coordinator. The first one is the only one which seems remotely like a position centered on Second Life and it is a contract position. Call it 0.5.

Craigslist is a bit trickier as you have to search regionally. In Seattle, area there is nothing. In the bay, there were three listings. First was Producer/Project Manager for Millions of Us very legit! One was a mobile marketing internship with SL being one of many "virtual environments" noted. Finally, an on-camera reporter for CNET where SL is listed as one of the edgy things you may need to know about for the job. So, so I give this a 1.25.

Career Builder listed two jobs, the web developer again from Monster, and a telesales opportunity at an internet startup that promised to be as big as Second Life among many others.

So, I would give this a big total of 1.75 jobs available. A pretty poor showing.

Ok, but pop into Linden Lab's Employment Page and you'll see over 60+ job openings. Electric Sheep Company weighs in a 4 openings.

Finally, check out Second Life Jobs you'll find a mix of RL and SL jobs, but they are at least all SL related.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Linden Lab Acquires Windward Mark Interactive Assets, Team

This annoucement is prety cool! Check it out here. Looks like a serious visual upgrade is on the way!

See screenshots produced by this technology here

Here is a teaser:

Second Life - A Guide To Your Virtual World Update

Today is a banner day for the project. The title "Second Life - A Guide To Your Virtual World" and cover art (see below) have been finalized. I am in the thick of final editing and cleanup and it looks like this thing may be available soon. You will also find it up on Amazon although the cover art is still an early draft. Click to view or pre-order!

Let me know what you think! Ansel.