Monday, February 26, 2007

More SL Publicity and My First Press

Here are a couple links to more SL press. The first one from Seattle PI is my first RL press about the up-coming book. Stay tuned for more.

Also, check out this piece from CBS newsthanks to Jeff Barr for the pointer, check out his blog!

Connectivity and Sailing

What do connectivity and sailing have to do with each other? Well not much unless you are trying to do so in SL. I discovered two things today that I wanted to share simply because I have not posted for so long:

1) Even if you have a kick-ass PC, your SL experience will still suck if you don't have the right connection. I recently came into an Dell XPS M1710 dual core laptop with 4GB of memory (frustratingly 1GB is inaccessible by VMWare). It is fast and the display is unbelievable. Ok, its also heavy, hard to travel with, and pretty embarrassing to pull out at customer presentations. However, I figured this baby would do very well with SL.

Not so today. There is nothing like being in a hotel (and in Canada, not that Canada has bad connectivity or anything) to grind things to a halt. Actually worse, I had spotty connectivity with bandwidth going up and down like a roller coaster along with my SL experience.

But that did not damp my spirits about the second thing which I rediscovered today and that is sailing in SL is really fun. Particularly when you go out with sailboat creator extraordinaire Jacqueline Trudeau.

I would give you the SLURL to her marina, but alas my hotel connection is not cooperating. Hopefully, search in SL is.