Thursday, July 27, 2006

Amazonians Thinking About Second Life

I ran into Dave Shappell a while back at a local eatery that has wireless internet access and I was working on my SL project. Through Dave I was introduced to Jeff Barr who works for Amazon on their web services initiative. Jeff posted a really bit on a prototype store being built in SL using AWS to support looking at books, searching, etc. Check it out here. And related news in Business Week here.

This is just the start of a massive wave into 3D shopping, business, and other fun stuff. Hang on!

Amazingly, just a little later today, this snippet showed up in the monthly E-zine from Linden Labs:

Search Amazon and More in Second Life! Visit the Second411 Shop for a free copy of a cool HUD (Heads-Up Display) device designed by Resident Hal9k Andalso. This gadget allows you to find Second Life objects both inworld and on the Web, and also uses Amazon's Web Services so you can search for products on Amazon while inside Second Life. To search Amazon, simply wear the Second411 HUD and type "/411 amazon: [keyword]" in your chat window. Amazon's own Web Services Evangelist wrote a great description of the tool on his blog, and Hamlet Au has more details on New World Notes. An amazing example of how Second Life and the Web are growing closer every day.

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