Thursday, July 20, 2006

Russian Roulette

I was invited by a former neighbor from the original first land hood of Seu by the name of Herb Greenspan to a game of Russian Roulette in Second Life.

Russian roulette (Russian: (Русская) Рулетка, (Russkaya) Rulyetka) is the practice of placing a single round in a revolver, spinning the cylinder and closing it into the firearm without looking, aiming the revolver at one's own head in a suicidal fashion, and pulling the trigger. The number of rounds placed in the revolver can vary, though as a rule there will always be at least one empty chamber. As a gambling game, toy guns are often used to simulate the practice. The number of deaths caused by this practice is unknown.

I arrived in a paint stained, post-industrial location with a single table and four chairs. Herb was there with his business partner and a newbie. The game basically goes like this, everyone sits down and pays the table some number of $L. The last person who leaves the table takes the money. You go around the table, taking turns, making bets, and essentially hoping you don't shoot yourself.

Well after the first two games, I had shot myself on my first try both times. At a 1 in 6 chance of death either luck or the table itself (perhaps rigged) were not in my favor. However, before I had a chance to truely determine what was what, the entire SL grid crashed. It was an interesting experience. First, Herb vanished. The three of us left, could move around, but then we couldn't even though we could chat. I crashed next (that is everything locked up on me). I logged back in only to find myself immobile in an empty room with the table. It was a kind of virtual death if you will.

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