Friday, February 01, 2008

Why Are Virtual Worlds Important?

I participated in a panel discussion last night of the Seattle Social Media Club coordinated by Katie Hoyne of Text 100. The room was a mix of Seattle Virtual Worlds experts such as Jeff Barr of Amazon fame, Rob Lanphier and Greg Tomko-Pavia from Seattle Linden Lab office, Trevor Smith and Ian Smith of Transmutable, as well as many curious people new to virtual worlds.

I greased the discussion by presenting Why Virtual Worlds Are Important?. This presentation provides some history of communication/collaboration technologies, discusses why VW technologies are different, and surmises that virtual worlds are the next wave in human communication technology allowing us to work and play together while being geographically distant. I'm interested in any feedback people have on this who have familiarity in the space, I'm hoping to reuse it for future educational talks.

There was also some fun to be had doing Second Life demos. Quite interesting to see what it looks like to a Linden when they walk into a lively pub in Dublin. Best of the night was the avatar chipper/shreader.

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Mad Madelynne said...

We were so glad to have you on our panel! I agree, the chipper/shreader was classic :) We're looking forward to our next meeting, which from the requests at the meeting, may be focused on Twitter. Hope you can join us!
-Katie, Text 100