Monday, September 17, 2007

Launch Party in Menorca

What a great experience last Saturday! We held two launch parties for the book one in prime time EMEA the other prim time US. It was attended by over 110 avatars and several noteables from SL press.

My thanks to all of the contributors and supporters who showed up to celebrate. It was a lot of fun! JueL Resistance who is featured in the book played and DJ Doubledown Tandino was fantastic. Really nice to meet him and listen to his grooves.

This party came about for several reasons. First, I was insistent with my publisher Que that we needed to hold an in-world launch party. Lisa (my PR person, of which I did not have for my previous book) took a bet and hired an in-world PR firm metaversatility headed by Adri Saarinen. She worked with Iris Ophelia who arranged the venue at Slimmie's (an in-world club owned by Slim Warrior).

Blog posts and invites went out to the usual suspects including New World notes and others.

Now if you disregard the names, this may sound a lot like a RL launch party and so it seems as complicated to pull off in SL as in RL.

The big question on my mind is will this sell more books? I'm not sure, but certainly it gave more broad exposure to the fact the book exists and at the party we gave out a ThinC book which contains the entire first chapter.

Here is a picture of me and one of my technical editors Kymber Schnook.

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