Friday, August 24, 2007

The Book Is Out!

I received my first physical copy of the book last night when I got home hot-of-the-presses. Amazon claims my pre-order will ship on September 1! I hope you all enjoy it and looking forward for feedback on how it can be improved.


Isilya Anatine said...

Howdy! I'm taking a topics course on SL at college this semester, and yours is one of the selected textbooks. In one afternoon, I've worked my way (okay, skipped over) most of the basic stuff, as I've been playing SL for almost six months now, but I wanted to say that what I have read has been a fantastic resource and I can't wait to get building! It's a quick read and the included interviews with other SLers are great.

Ansel Gasparini said...

Thanks Isilya, may I ask what college, I would be quite interested in connecting with your prof. You can reach me in-world of course if you'd prefer.