Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Second Life Employment

I thought it might be interesting to see how the Real Life job market was shaping up for Second Life residents and I don't mean being an escort, land developer, or starting your own company. I mean, who in RL is searching for SL talent and is willing to pay for it. The conclusion is Linden Lab!

For this test, I used quoted "Second Life" as the search criteria. Here were the results:

Monster lists 4 openings Sr. Web Developer, Director of Interactive, Directory of Interactive Marketing, and Web / Project Coordinator. The first one is the only one which seems remotely like a position centered on Second Life and it is a contract position. Call it 0.5.

Craigslist is a bit trickier as you have to search regionally. In Seattle, area there is nothing. In the bay, there were three listings. First was Producer/Project Manager for Millions of Us very legit! One was a mobile marketing internship with SL being one of many "virtual environments" noted. Finally, an on-camera reporter for CNET where SL is listed as one of the edgy things you may need to know about for the job. So, so I give this a 1.25.

Career Builder listed two jobs, the web developer again from Monster, and a telesales opportunity at an internet startup that promised to be as big as Second Life among many others.

So, I would give this a big total of 1.75 jobs available. A pretty poor showing.

Ok, but pop into Linden Lab's Employment Page and you'll see over 60+ job openings. Electric Sheep Company weighs in a 4 openings.

Finally, check out Second Life Jobs you'll find a mix of RL and SL jobs, but they are at least all SL related.

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